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It is always clear skies and blue water while in Atlantis so I had to find the perfect outfit to match my surroundings. As you know I love matching sets and this two piece is a great addition to my resort wardrobe. The great perk of two piece outfits is that you can create different outfits by mixing the top to a more night out with jeans or the shorts with another top to give you multiple looks. These pieces are from Peixoto and you can shop them below. 



Hanging out in my Cabana in my favorite one piece. No one does a better once piece than Kore Swim. Links are below to purchase my suit along with similar options. As I mentioned on a previous post, The Cove, offers pool and beach front cabanas all in one, beach out the front, pool out the back. The perfect combo to get the most out of your trip. The Cabana comes with lounge chairs to enjoy either side, beach waiter to bring you those fruity cocktails, unlimited water and tea (which is a plus for me being addicted to tea everywhere I go). You can even order lunch while enjoying at your table or watch the latest news on your TV to avoid the sun. The Cabana's are a must do at least once on your Atlantis vacation and trust me your won't regret it. 

Cabana Life

The Dig


The Dig is one of my favorite parts of Atlantis ever since I was little visiting for the first time. The Dig is an underground aquarium with different tunnels and exhibits spread out all over the resort. They have everything from sharks, stingrays, turtles to thousands of types of fish. You can snorkel with stingrays, swim with dolphins and go through a slide enclosed around sharks. There are so many way to explore and learn about these sea creatures. 

A Bikini A Day

A bikini a day keeps the rain away. I love swimwear and of course had to wear all of my colorful pieces while at the beach. All my suits below are from Bondi Born, they are made out of Neoprene material like a wetsuit making these suits looks great on and perfect for any beach activity.

When Life Gives You Lemons

Exploring the resort was such a blast they have their own marina where yacht's are docked all around a shopping center complete with a Ben & Jerry's. A casino to try your luck and a Gucci store to spend your winnings. There are so many path ways and unique things to explore making a morning walk a great way to start your day before laying out by the pool or beach. 

Birthday Trip

When thinking about my birthday look especially in a beautiful backdrop like Atlantis I had to go with my go to resort wear line, Tiare Hawaii. They are full of amazing two piece matching sets and pieces you can mix as cover ups or night out looks. Most of their styles are one size fits all and their fabrics just pop once you put them on.  Take a look at the links below to shop my looks among other similar options. 

Do Not Disturb while I'm on vacation. Hanging out at The Cove pool in the Bahamas and living up every sunny moment this place has to offer. I could not have had a better time. This 18 and over exclusive pool has their own pool and beach front cabanas, DJ, bar and casino tables poolside. It is a pool only available to Cove guests making it a secret spot away from the crowds of the rest of the resort. 

Do Not Disturb

My latest trip was to Atlantis in the Bahamas. I have been lucky enough to travel here a few times when I was younger and been wanting to take a trip back for a while, especially to stay at their newest hotel, The Cove. Atlantis has six hotels all catering to different needs while being all walkable to each other. Atlantis has it all the Dig which is an underground aquarium, outdoor waterpark, casinos, nightclub, shopping, swimming with dolphins, golfing and much more. But for staying at The Cove they have an18 and up pool complete with DJ, pool and beach front cabanas, casino and bar all exclusive to Cove guests. Perfect escape from the kiddos who are running around the slides, don't get me wrong those are fun too but nice to have a separate area. The Cove also has a couple restaurants and a walk away from their other hotel the Reef complete with a Starbucks in the lobby. Check out my other posts for more details on the things I did while I was there.

I love traveling but I am always cold on planes. My new travel wrap by Mar-Sea & Co. acts as a blanket while I'm on my flight keeping me warm throughout the journey to my sunny destination. It comes in an adroable matching travel pouch for storage and keeping the wrap in perfect condition because it is made out of 100% cashmere. Links are below for the different color ways they have to offer. 

Travel Style

Happiest Place on Earth

Yes I went to Disney World and Yes it is the happiest place on earth. I have been lucky enough to be able to go to Disney more than a handful of times. With my parents being Vacation Club members we get to go every couple of years. This place is so magical and makes you feel like a big kid. Everyone is so nice, happy and full of joy. By looking on the kids faces when they meet a princess they are dressed as or waiting in line to ride Frozen, hearing their screams when Elsa starts to sing "Let It Go". These kids are are having the time of their lives. That was me and my brother every time we got to go to Disney World. Now we just relive our memories going on the rides, walking through the countries in Epcot and scoping out the Star Wars world in Hollywood Studios to come. Disney is full of fun, family and happiness and I will keep going to this place as often as I can to get that feeling. 

Outfit Details 

ASOS Top | English Factory Shorts |

Rebecca Minkoff Bag | Disney Minnie Ears

But Disney is also full of amazing treats, especially in Magic Kingdom. (I placed images of some below) My all time favorite treat is their Mickey shaped rice crispy treats with m&m's of course. They are so soft and fresh made in the bakery right on Main Street when you walk into the park. Another top choice is the Dole Whip. My family became fans when we went to Hawaii a couple years ago and been trying to find this pineapple ice cream swirl with pineapple juice so refreshing and delicious. You can find this treat in Adventure Land's Tiki Room. But you can't go wrong with a Mickey Bar,  vanilla ice cream covered in Dove chocolate. Those are everywhere in every park and that is the number one treat my family gets year in and year out. 

Konichiwa from Japan

For someone who loves matcha as much as I do, Japan is a must stop in Epcot. They have a Hibachi style restaurant, sushi bar, sake cart and store complete with anime, Hello Kitty to Zen gardens and Kimono's. This is a little glimpse of what Japan has to offer. Japan is somewhere I have always wanted to visit, it is number one on my list and if anyone asks where I want to visit I always say Japan. Their mysterious culture, obsession with tea and respect for tradition is something I would love to explore.



Outfit Details: ASOS Top | Paige Jeans

Around the World

in an afternoon

As you have probably figured out I love to travel and from a young age exploring all the countries of Epcot I caught the travel bug. The unique factor about Epcot is that each country pays to be there to promote tourism and show the visitors what their country has to offer. Every pavilion has local food, trinkets, drinks and each person who works there is from that country. You get a little glimpse into what makes each country so special. Exploring places like Morocco, Japan, Italy, China, England, France, Canada, Germany, Norway and Mexico makes one want to see the world. Drinking bubble tea in China, eating Scandinavian chocolate in Norway and listening to live mariachi band in Mexico gives you that warm feeling that every culture is unique and worth exploring. 



Outfit Details: Peixoto two piece 

Outfit Details: Peixoto two piece | Shoes: Adidas

Arabian Night's

One of my favorite Disney movies growing up was Aladdin. Epcot can make you feel like you are in the movie with not only the characters but the attention to detail in the architecture by just adding that local spin on what it would be like to be in this far off land. I was lucky to find this magical tiled room all to myself, which I know is rare in Disney World. I instantly felt whisked away to Morocco hearing the local music, water fountains and lanterns lighting my path.



Outfit Details: Majorella two piece | Danielle Nicole x Disney Bag

Après Ski

Who doesn't love a good ski trip. I have been skiing since I was 5 years old. I tried snowboarding for a little while but always been a better skier naturally. When I was home over the holiday's we thought what better way to enjoy the piles of snow we had then to ski. Granted this is Michigan and when the resort is called Boyne Mountain don't think it is a mountain compared to out West terrain. It was -15 below, intense wind and absolutely freezing but we managed to make it work and have some fun along the way. 



Outfit Details 

Left Image - Rachel Zoe Coat

Middle Image - Smith Goggles | Sorel Boots

Right Image - Talbots Sweater| Ugg Gloves

Christmas in Detroit 

Christmas is the most magical time of the year and what better way to spend it than at home. I am originally from Michigan and love to go home for the holiday's. I was recently back in Detroit for Thanksgiving and got all prepared for Christmas. We hit the Detroit Athletic Club where they were setting up all their gorgeous decorations for the season. From all the trees to sparkle who can't get into the Christmas spirit.


Even downtown had put up an ice skating rink and outdoor Christmas market complete with indoor lodge sponsored by Cadillac of course for being in Detroit. The lodge was filled with hot coco and fun couches decorated with all plaid blankets and fake fireplaces. But nothing is complete with out seeing the annual Lions game on Turkey day. SO many fun things to check out in this fast growing city. 



Outfit Details 

Right Image - Top: TopShop | Pants: Zara

Image Below Left - Green Dress: Zara | Bag: Parisa Wang | Boots: Stuart Weitzman|

Image Below Right - Sweater: Zara | Bag: Parisa Wang

The Beverly Hills Hotel 

The iconic Beverly Hills Hotel was home to old Hollywood stars from Grace Kelly, Princess Dianne to Fred Astaire and Marilyn Monroe. This was the all time favorite hot spot of anyone worth seeing or who wanted to be seen. This hotel has so much of Hollywood's history I don't even know where to begin. But I will say this is one of my all time favorite spots in Los Angeles, the pink and green motif doesn't hurt either. I walked around the hotel on my way to lunch at the Cabana Cafe. the Cafe is a cute restaurant with the iconic striped booths by the pool where Elizabeth Taylor use to lounge and enjoy her cocktails. The Cabana Cafe is all outside and the perfect spot to enjoy that healthy meal in the sun you are looking for.


But that is not all the hotel has a lot of other options for dinning as well, the Polo Lounge where Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin use to hang out with the rest of Rat pack. The Fountain Coffee Room is one of the best diner's I have ever seen complete with palm leaf wall paper. 

The Beverly Hills Hotel is full of so much history just walking in the place you feel like you stepped in time to old Hollywood with nothing about this place being outdated it is all kept very well and modern given that it was built in 1912. 




Bermuda is such a great place. Very easy to get to from the east coast since it is just a few hour flight since it is off the coast of the Carolina's. They are a British island but their accents are the best part, a mix of British, American, Australian and South African all within one sentence you will hear different ways of speaking. I went for the first time with my boyfriend and we rented a scooter to get around the island. (Highly recommend but be careful since they drive on the other side of the road). We first took the scooter to the left point of the island hitting the Royal Dock Yard where you can see all the cruise ships come in, see an old fort that looks straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean and some touristy shops. Fun place to see and get a taste for their local drink, a Dark and Stormy, just rum and Goslings ginger beer. 

Next stop on our scooter adventure was just hitting various beaches to go snorkeling. Every beach we stopped at had different fish in the water so fun to just pickup and go from beach to beach.  We took our ride to the Fairmont Southampton, decked out in famous Bermuda pink. We had lunch at their beach club and it was a great time. We love seeing different hotels so every night we went hotel hopping to check out the island and get a taste for what everything was like. Just driving around we came across alighthouse on top of the hill such a cute place complete with a restaurant as well. See my list below for our top restaurants and best beaches on the island. 

Best Hotel Restaurants 

1. Fairmont Southampton  - Waterfront Inn (Old building on the water with great food)

2. The Loren - Marée  (Looks like an old bond Villains Villa)

3. Rosewood - The Point (Great Hotel with top notch food)

Best Beaches 

1. Church Bay - Not many people and best snorkeling 

2. Horseshoe Bay - Touristy but great to sit on beach and have snack hut

3. Admiralty House Park - Great for Cliff jumping and caves



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