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My NYC Beauty Secrets

  1. Heyday

I love a good facial and it’s no secret the nyc air takes a toll on one’s skin so this is where I book a monthly visit to get rid of all the city living off my face. They have 30, 60 and 90 min facials. It is like a facial bar with experts that give you glowing skin. I’m all for a hotel facial but this easy in and out concept makes it perfect for whenever I need a quick hydration or pore cleaning fix.

2. IMD Beauty Spa

If you haven’t tried a lymphatic drainage massage all I can say it is not for the weak. This intense massage really pushes out the toxins in your skin. Focusing on cellulite areas along with water retention. As I said it is an aggressive massage but really works to the root of moving things out of your body. But before every massage IMD has your relax in an infrared sauna. If you haven’t tried one it is not like a normal sauna. The Infrared lights help penetrate your body’s core to reach a more detoxifying sweat. This type of treatment supports detoxification, relaxation, weight loss, pain relief, skin purification and cell healing.

3. Clean Market

This place has everything, from a matcha bar, infrared sauna, cryotherapy to a clean marketplace of goodies. Since I already talked about the infrared I’ll elaborate on cryotherapy facial. The machine is set to -160°F of cold liquid nitrogen. The cold air is just blown on your face and skin with benefits to decrease inflammation, boost the production of collagen, minimize fine lines, reduce blemishes, clear acne and eczema. The facial is only 15 min but that is all I could take of the cold air in one sitting.


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