• Detroit, MI

Weekend Getaway

I love being able to pop back home every now and then. It is great to have an escape from an ever so busy and on the go city such as New York. This time the Shinola Hotel was open in Detroit, every room has a different look all while keeping the historical aspects of the building in tack. They have a great restaurant, San Morello, from a New York Restaurant Group. It is upscale Italian that has the best almond stuffed olives along with butternut squash hummus along with pastas and pizza. So many yummy unique dishes are offered at this place and worth to check out when in Detroit. They also have in their lobby area, The Living Room, which offers a separate menu, more American style food that you eat while lounging in essentially their living room.

Most people forget Detroit is home to Motown. The music being played in the hotel and records placed in the common spaces are all of that genre of course. I also stopped back in The Candy Bar at The Siren Hotel. It is just around the corner from Shinola but offers a completely different vibe. They have this little box of a pink bar and in lobby coffee bar with matcha so my place I'd say. Check out my other blog post for more information and images on that.


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