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Winter Style Trends

Winter style is hard you always have to bundle up and keep warm with a million layers and gloves that don't match your outfit. The name of the game now is that don't be afraid of color in the winter. It is already a gloomy season so don't let your outfits mimic the weather. Wear a red puffer, silver boots and white jeans. Color does not die for half the year so pop away with some of my favorite finds below. Shop now and see my images for inspirations.

1. The Puffer Coat - These coats are my favorite they keep you bundled up from the cold but also look very on trend. Especially since they come in the fashion and staple colors like silver, red and black.

2. Staple Jeans - Nothing like a good pair of jeans and my favorite are from Paige. They fit super well and since I go through them so often I like to buy them at Nordstrom Rack which is great cause they are under $100.

3. Belts - The it belt of the season is the silver crystal belt but don't be afraid to pull back out those chunky styles that you used in the summer, nothing like cinching in that waist on a sweater or dress in a Gucci belt.

3. Statement Bag - Bags are very important during the winter, since they are the main piece you can see outside the layers. It seems like everyday a different designer recreates an iconic "it" bag that every influencer and celebrity seems to be carrying. My favorite is the Dior Saddle Bag but you can't go wrong with these other styles that have a better price point and won't be scared to wear in a blizzard.

4. Tights - Great at keeping you warm but also very trendy options from polka dots, sheer to bolder colors and even the throwback white are super in.

5. Chunky Sweaters - Sweaters are the best for keeping warm and while still looking chic. There are a million different styles, colors and fabrics. Below are some of my favorites, I like to stick to neutral colors so they can be paired with jeans and leggings while adding that pop of color with my coat or accessories.

6. Boots - My go to boots during the day or night are knee high boots, they make your legs look thin and keep you warm while still in style. But if you want to be on trend add booties. They are wonderful, I think I have Steve Madden's in every color and pattern they make.

7. Hair Accessories - This year is all about accessorizing your hair with shell pins, scarves, pearls to turbans and the classic Gossip Girl headbands. They are all back and better than ever.

9. Sunglasses - Even though its winter you still need to look fashion forward with the eye gear. I still like to keep to neutrals here even though the trends are leaning more towards the smaller frames but I like to keep to what looks good on me and invest in pairs that will last.

10. Scarves - Nothing is better than a Burberry scarf they are the warmest and add that extra wow factor to your bundled up self. I have still have fun here with color like a pink or a red so it can pop even on the coldest of days.

Other Winter Must Have's


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