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This year I participated in more NYFW events than before. There are always so many pop up shops, parties to events happening which makes it fun running around the city. Since Fashion Week has evolved into more than just runway shows brands have to be more creative than ever to get customers and the press to pay attention. As the top brands still fill seats at their executed to perfection shows more brands are opting for interactive pop up shops to cafes which give us all a complete immersive experience of the brand. I tend to like that more since you can understand a brand on a deeper level and feel more of that connection due to your unique experience. Don't get me wrong a runway show still has its allure but with Instagram being the name of the game brands are thinking more for the overall consumer experience not just the select few who can attend in a ten minute span.

Jeans: Dear John Denim

First I stopped by the pop up of one of my favorite face masks, Summer Friday's. Those girls use the best marketing I have seen. They are smart and know how to brand themselves since they are top influencers who understand what works and what doesn't. They know their fans and even new potential customers would love to stand in a pink photo booth decked out in flowers while sipping down a rose latte. They got me, what could be better? This booth gained attention sitting on Rodeo Drive out in LA for days and once that became trending on Instagram they moved it to NYC during Fashion Week when they knew all the Instagram fans would be out in full force.

Clinique to even Ralph Lauren took the immersive experience route. Clinique had a pop up shop in Soho where this machine would scan your face to tell you what is the best products to use based on your skin's needs. You could then buy the products it told you and get your bottle customized. Who doesn't like a customized bottle? For Ralph Lauren their fashion show was more of a Coco Chanel in Paris vibes this year. The theme, Breakfast with Ralph. They changed their whole first floor into a cafe with models walking up and down the staircase with classic music and lattes. They extended the show for three more days so I had the chance to experience it for myself. It was one of the most beautiful breakfasts I have had. The new collection features a lot of gold and very classic yet modern styles, which are all available to shop right upstairs at their 888 Madison Avenue location.


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