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I never have wrote about my health journey and as I said 2019 is going to be my year to open up more and share with all you guys. I have always struggled with food allergies, stomach pains, vitamin deficiencies and anxiety. Ever since I was 5 years old I had health issues. I was given allergy shots every week, no recess outside since I couldn't handle freshly cut grass, had eczema all over my hands and body and allergic to real Christmas trees. I was finally diagnosed after visiting many doctors with being allergic to gluten. Remember this was long before anyone has heard of gluten on the now mainstream level and knew the harmful effects it has on certain people. Luckily my family owns grocery stores and was able to locate the best and only gluten free products at the time for me to eat. Shortly after I took this out of my diet my parents realized my mood improved, eczema cleared up and my stomach didn't hurt for days on end. But that didn't last long, as I got to feeling worse again.

Over the years my health was getting worse and worse and even today being 100% gluten free I still don't feel the best all the time. It is a continuous struggle to stay positive and in one day find out why my body cannot be at its best in my 20s while living a healthy lifestyle. After college is when I decided to go back to being gluten free, dairy light and almost all sugar free since I'm hyperglycemic. I went to countless doctors when I lived in LA and here in New York and no one could pin point why I was deficient in 5 plus vitamins, can't detox toxins out of my body properly, insomnia and get random allergic reactions to various foods even one's I have eaten fine for years. I was "diagnosed" from anything to leaky gut, to never being able to have kids since my body isn't health enough to being perfectly healthy. Every doctor had their own opinion and none of their remedies or vitamins to medicine seemed to answer or fix anything besides make me feel worse and feeling further from any real answer. That is when I decided it is just how my body is and the cheesy line I hear from Robin Roberts on GMA everyday "Make you mess your message". Everyone has their own struggles in life and for some reason my constant mysterious health journey is mine.

As of today I try to eat as healthy as I can, workout 3-4 times a week from anything like yoga to clear my mind to Pilates. I only take a probiotic powder from Dr Gundry and a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar everyday(both have worked wonders on debloating and feeling more balanced). You have to be careful especially now a days with everyone " trying" to be healthy. Not all vitamins, gluten free products and probiotics are created equal. As much as you want to be healthy big companies load those products with extra fat, harmful chemicals and dangerous other ingredients people do not realize that are added to these so called healthy products. Something in the USA marked "gluten free" only technically has to reach a certain percentage to stick the label on it and for people like me who are sensitive and have reactions to Xatham Gum and Yeast extract that is the SAME thing as if I was eating Gluten. The good and bad thing of a trendy allergy is that everyone finally knows what gluten is but most don't respect it and really understand the effects it has on someone like me. If I were given the wrong drink or meal I will feel sick to my stomach for days, supper down emotionally since it effects my mood and my eczema will break out on my hands. So I have to reiterate to waiters, bartenders and friends I can only have blank and it has to be prepared this way. I have learned to care less about what others think about me doing that since I don't want to feel sick for days and since it doesn't affect them they don't understand the pressure to get it right. Every day I continue to manage my eating and feeling better. I learn more about myself and what does and doesn't work. I hope this helps someone as I am going to share more on my health journey as I continue to discover what works for me. Thanks for reading.


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