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Best Coffee Shops in NYC

I am a die hard tea drinker but I always like to venture out and try a cup of coffee every now and then. Take a look at my top 5 coffee places to try while you are in New York City.

1. Starbucks Reserve Roastery: If you love coffee then this place is a coffee theme park right in NYC. They have everything from coffee desserts to alcohol drinks. Roastery is new to the city and only the second one in the USA, a 23,000 sqft right in Meatpacking. They even have a coffee bar for to go orders or can sit and enjoy the space complete with fireplaces and couches.

2. Felix Coffee: Right on Park Ave in Midtown this coffee shop has the cutest decor very classic with touches of modern color, even the historically looking paintings match the wallpaper and cups. They offer smoked concoctions and amazing lattes. Don't forget they even have a bar with drinks in case it's after 5 when you visit.

3. Remi Flower & Coffee: This cafe is everything you can ask for flowers + coffee. They have great flower inspired drinks like lavender and rose. While you are enjoying your coffee you are seated in a legit flower shop of the most gorgeous flowers I have seen. So if you need to multiple task with some coffee and flower shopping this is the place.

4. Ralph's: Ralph Lauren has their own cafe at their Upper East Side location, 888 Madison Ave. But for NYFW they extended their cafe to cover the whole first floor and have models walking around in the latest collection just for three extra days to have the same experience as the show. Take a look at my experience since you can still go to the cafe and store after this week.

5. LROOM: There is never enough sparkle in your life and what better place to have more than in your cup of coffee. This is a Japanese run shop that knows how to execute the perfect instagramable desserts and drinks. They offer an array of tasty pastries from waffles to cakes all with that touch of sparkle.


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