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I recently went to Aruba "One Happy Island" this past December. Aruba is a unique Dutch Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela. They speak Dutch and Papiamento, a type of Spanish that mixes Portuguese and Dutch. Aruba has a rich culture and never a gloomy day. They have a cute town with high end luxury stores that connect to the Renaissance hotel where Flamingo Beach is at, then a boardwalk that you can walk the beach in front of all the hotels.

We stayed at the Ritz Carlton located at the far end of the island. They have segways on the beach bringing us fresh cocktails and pool after pool. Aruba has a strong wind but trust me you need the wind in a high temperature location like this to keep cool and enjoy the sun.

For the first time every I made a Vlog that sums ups all my adventures from this trip. Also take a look at all my looks from this trip.

Where I Stayed: The Ritz Carlton

Flamingo Beach: Renaissance Hotel - See separate blog post for more details

Snorkel/Boat Adventure: Red Sail Aruba

Where I Ate: Restaurants at the Ritz and these around town Papillon, Yemaja, Hostaria de Vittorio

Take a Walk to : Eduardo's Beach Shack for acai bowls, fruit smoothies and gf treats.

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