• Aruba

Flamingo Beach

One of the top things I wanted to do once I booked my trip to Aruba was to see the Flamingos. Weirdly they are only at the Renaissance Hotel on their private island just off the coast. If you are staying at the hotel this island comes with your stay, but since I was at the Ritz this trip you can buy a day pass to this island or book a massage at the ocean front spa. Either way it gives you a day pass to the island, complimentary boat ride to get there and a drink and water raft ticket. The island is beautiful you take a nice 10 minute boat ride over from the main hotel. Once you arrive it is a slice from heaven, cabana's everywhere, private hammocks, bars and a spa. But the part I was shocked at as that they only have 6 flamingos and everyone on the island is running after them trying to catch the perfect Instagramable moment. My tip is not to rush into the whole situation, take you time, asses how the flamingos move and how people interact with them. People are going to knock you over for their shot or touch the flamingos on the neck, they don't like that and you shouldn't grab an animal. Take your time seeing where you should set up, grab a drink, walk around and absolutely wait until they enter the water. Once they enter the water that is the shot you want. The extra space you have and nobody in the background is key. They have food available to purchase for twenty-five/fifty cents out of a machine, worth it since they do eat from your hands especially if you are there in the morning, before they get too full. But don't worry they don't bite. They are for the most part friendly but they will walk right into you so mind where they are going and respect their space until they are ready to come to you. It was overall a fun experience after I got to feed them a of couple times and my fears of what this wild bird I didn't know much about would do. The whole day spent at this island was well worth the trip especailly with such beautiful creatures.

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