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Thanksgiving in Detroit

Nothing better than spending time with family over Thanksgiving. I went back home to Michigan were we spent the whole long weekend in Detroit. We filled our time with sports, sports and more sports. We went to the Lions football game, a Pistons basketball game and last but certainly not least a Red Wings hockey game. My family loves sports and watching them live is just the best. We also kept busy with my little pup Bella walking all around town checking out the Christmas decorations. One of the coolest things I've seen a city do for the holiday's is the lodge. The Cadillac lodge, yes sponsored by a car company cause we are in the motor city after all, is decked out in themed alcohol drinks, fun games and just overall very upscale holiday decor. Nothing looks cheesy or over the top just looks like a giant living room since everyone is having so much fun trying not to knock over the Jenga set or misspell a word at scramble. Right outside the lodge is a mini Christmas market of Michigan products everything from food to clothes. They even have an ice skating rink where my mom and I tried not to lose our balance.

So after we experienced all the Christmas and sports the city had to offer that weekend we wanted to check out a Speakeasy we heard was a must see. This one was called the Candy Bar at the Siren Hotel. The hotel felt like I was back in New York, very boutique feel, had a coffee bar serving oat milk and Matcha in Michigan very much up to speed with the New York ways. The whole bar was pink so again couldn't go wrong in my option and served only the fanciest drinks a mixologist could make. This hotel was recently updated and is a historical building in the city. It was built by the Wurlitzer music company and originally opened in 1926 but then later abandoned in the 80s. Detroit is undergoing a huge face lift these days, Shinola is opening up their hotel and five restaurants this year alone. Plus more and more companies to people are wanting in on what this amazing city has to offer.

Some of my Favorite must do's in Detroit

1. The Siren Hotel - Candy Bar Speakeasy

2. Any sports games since you can walk to all of them from downtown

3. Shopping on Woodward (Our Main street)

4. Cadillac Lodge + Ice Skating at Christmas time

5. Lunch at Townhouse

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