• New York, NY

Revolve Takes New York

Revolve took over New York last week. They always travel to different countries sending bloggers and the best set ups wherever they go but this time they picked NYC. Not only for parties and meet and greets but for a Pop-Up Shop selling all their most coveted items. Revolve, if you haven't been able to tell is my FAVORITE online site, they always have the pieces to hit every trend to staple season must have's. The price point is affordable and the best customer service with a return label included if you need to exchange your size.

So back to the Pop Up Shop. They went all out with five flower walls, flower swing, custom coffee, a beauty section and clothing shopping area. You could not go wrong with everything pink and decked out with Instagramable decor. The store was a perfect place for me to finally experience my favorite shop in person instead of glued to my screen. I was also lucky enough to be invited to their party earlier in the week at the Moxy Hotel rooftop. I was able to brush shoulders with all my favorite bloggers and see how they work in action for the perfect photo. It is so surreal to see all the girls I admire like Negin Mirsalehi, Xenia Adonts and Brittany Xavier in person at an event I would normally only see them though their stories they post. It's like seeing a celebrity since we don't really know them but think we do. These girls all started just like me struggling to make it big and always trying to be original along the way. They set the way for a new kind of fashion industry where normal people can become icons and set the trends for the next season. I always look to these girls to inspire my work and keep me going everyday. They show that it is possible if you just push yourself to do what you love. Seeing Negin struggle to get the perfect pic made me think ok yes everyone goes through the same thing, the outfit, lighting or just overall look of the picture is just not working and sometimes it takes a couple tries. It made me feel like with someone who is taking their photo everyday for 5 million followers they suffer the same as me trying to shoot for my amazing 20k following. Revolve is one of those companies that can bring together the best of the best in this industry and it was a dream to attend their party and catch a glimpse of that world.


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