• New York, NY

Above the Clouds

I have always wanted to do a helicopter ride around New York. So we finally got around to it and went with FlyNYON. They have doors on or doors off options. We did doors on but the little window on our helicopter opens so I had a taste of that experience. Doors off is you bungee corded in and legs swinging on the outside of the helicopter. The day we went would have been so cold and windy for doors off my family decided against it since not our thing to be almost falling off freezing to death over the city. We took the tour that goes all around the city. We started on the west side heading up to Central Park then saw the Empire State building heading back downtown to the financial district for the One World Trade Center. We got extremely close to all the buildings, circled the Statue of Liberty and had a lot of time up in the air. It was a very cool experience. The only down side was having to wait a couple of hours to get boarded so make sure to leave a god amount of time for that part.


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