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The Best of Detroit

I love that I can escape the craziness of one city, New York, and take in another, Detroit. My family is still back in Michigan and have an apartment right in the heart of the up and coming city. When I was younger it wasn't as safe as it is today. Being from Ann Arbor, about an hour outside the city, we would only head down for sports games and immediately leave. Now the city is gone under complete renovations, companies have come in bringing jobs for young people which in turn brings, shops, restaurants and more life back in. With all these changes it make it extremely fun to be back home especially getting a little city feel with the midwest charm.

My family is part of the Detroit Athletic Club and every year they throw their back to the club party. Seven floors all in the theme of the arts this year. One being literature, Broadway to famous paintings. It is the most elaborate and coolest party I've ever been to. Fit for all ages, one floor a full on orchestra band with ballroom dancing, then up another two floors a full on dj with club like atmosphere where my brother and I busted moves until the AM. I can't forget to mention the floor to floor food that never ends and bars that don't stop flowing. It is a party not to be missed and with a rooftop view overlooking the baseball field Comerica Park and black tie attire you really can't go wrong.

If you have been following me you know I am a big fan of the MET in New York. (Been too many times to count). But believe it or not I have never been to The Detroit Institute of Arts. It is full of historical artifacts from all across the globe to famous paintings. Back when Detroit went bankrupt the city was going to sell off its expensive assets which meant the priceless artwork was the first to go. Luckily donations poured in to save this place and nothing had to be changed and it is better than ever even hosted a huge Star War Costume exhibit when I was in town.

Top things to see, eat and do while in Detroit ...

1. Visit Little Caesars Arena - Home to the Red Wings and Pistons the latest and most state of the art arena in the US.

2. Shinola - They have a gorgeous store selling all their no infamous watches to bikes all made in Detroit. They even have a great cafe serving my favorite matcha. They are even building a hotel can't wait

3. Detroit Insatiate of Arts

4. Dessert Oasis Coffee

5. Take a Bird Scooter to get around

6. Visit our very own KAWS statue

7. Detroit Athletic Club - If you can get in or have a club affiliate

8. Hudson Cafe - Best pancakes and worth the hour wait

9. Prime + Propper for a fancy tasty meal

10. Brome Modern Eatery - delicious burgers and healthy options perfect for GF options

If you are not from Michigan we are known for having some amazing food products. I grew up with all these products and never realized that these were home grown only until I left for college. Here are some I can't live without...

1. Vernors - Hands down the BEST Ginger Ale

2. Faygo - Flavored Pop. Yes we call it Pop

3. Butter Made Chips

4. Cherry Republic Products

5. Sanders Hot Fudge


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