• Los Angeles, CA

LA in the Fall

I went back to LA this fall. I like taking quick trips there eating at my favorite restaurants, grabbing tea and seeing the sites. I use to live there for a couple of years so I know my way around town but just like New York it is always changing on what are the best places to go. This time I stayed at The Beverly Hills Hotel. I have always wanted to stay there, I owned the pajamas already. I do have to say I was very disappointed after my stay. I heard of all the glitz and glam of their historical past and loved their modern renovation of palm leaves and pink stripes everywhere. It was always on the top of my list to stay whenever I was in town. The downside of this hotel is that it is a five star hotel but they don't treat you like you are in one. I know that could just be the whole LA vibe of it all but I have stayed in other places throughout the city and never felt so unwelcomed. It could have been just my experience but to sum up my initial excitement it plummeted shortly after the first day. But that didn't stop me from vising my other favorite spots, like Zinque and Urth Cafe in West Hollywood and Alfred's Tea Room. Those places are always my go to spots. If you check out my other blog post on my trip last year, I list all the hot spots I love to visit and you should not miss if planning your trip.

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