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I have always loved beauty products and can't leave Sephora without spending over $100 but I never have had a true beauty routine until about 2 years ago. Moving to New York takes a toll on your skin and hair and you have to take care of you every single day. A big part of that routine are face masks. Trust me I have tried all sorts of masks, serums, eye patches, the list can go on. I have sensitive skin and seem to break out when I try most products. I read all the ingredients since I am gluten free that also plays a roll in beauty. Most people don't know that xantham gum and yeast are used not only as thickening agents in food but in beauty products especially face masks so you can get that thick texture. So since trying a huge assortment of skin to hair products I have found my favorites and willing to share why.

First is the Gisou hair oil. I love a good product made by an influencer because these girls have tried everything and when they see where they can make it better and from a more natural source why wouldn't you trust them. Plus Negin's hair is just amazing and anyone would want to just drink the same water she does let alone a hair care line. I tried this for the first time last week and let me tell you it is beyond amazing. Made from honey this product is not just a finishing oil but also can be used as a hair mask or overnight treatment. My hair already feels softer and smells sweet. Unlike with other products that help with dry frizzy hair, I feel less oily and see less building up. So far so good with this hair oil and would recommend to anyone. Can't wait to try her other products.

Now lets go onto lotion. Sol de Janeiro Brazilian bum bum cream. Funny name I know but to be honest this stuff is magic. It smells like a beach dream and has dual action of tightening the skin while reducing cellulite. It can be used all over the body and my skin has never felts softer or looked better. This product got rid of my annoying back of arm bumps to fixing my dry skin all while making me smell like I just walked off of tropical beach photoshoot. They even have lip butter which I take everywhere I go and smaller travel sizes all at Sephora.

Summer Fridays is another influencer brand I have recently discovered. Blogger, Marianna Hewitt started the company with just the Jet Lag face mask and it is the perfect name since we all get extremely dehydrated while flying. Anytime I get off a flight I notice my skin changing, being prone to dehydration easily I was always looking for a lotion that would help with this problem but not clog my pores and cause other issues later. This mask has been wonderful and even better yet they just came out with their second just as great mask, Overtime. Overtime is made from pumpkin exfoliates (who doesn't like the smell of pumpkins) and helps brighten the skin which my face hasn't felt softer since starting to use this mask. They recommend using both back to back but feel free to just include in your beauty routine where you see fit.

These are some of my other beauty favorites that you can shop at Sephora.




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