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The Plaza, nothing better

There is no more of a magical place than The Plaza. Why go anywhere else? You have such a wonderful hotel right in the heart of New York City that offers high tea along with such a historical backdrop. This hotel was opened in 1907 and accommodated all of the famous and powerful people in the world passing through New York. The Beatles stayed here during their first visit to the US. Actors, political leaders to even Tommy Hilfiger and F Scott Fitzgerald who called it home for years. Right next to Central Park and a stone's throw from 5th Avenue, today they still have a number of NYFW events and weddings for the books. But who can forget its place as a major set for movies like Home Alone 2 and Elise at the Plaza. This hotel has so many memories in these walls, if only they could talk it would be one interesting story.

Every time my mom visits me in New York we like to go to high tea. We try to find other places that compare but nothing comes close to The Plaza. They have a great assortment of teas, gluten free menu and of course an adorable kids Elise tea package. You can't go wrong and you will only feel like royalty having your afternoon tea or just simply walking around this place. Every time I visit I discover many hidden staircases and rooms where I peak my head in and try to imagine what they were used for fifty to one hundred years ago. If you ever visit New York put The Plaza on the top of your list.


Ashley Busch


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