• Epcot

Around the World in an afternoon

As you have probably figured out I love to travel and from a young age exploring all the countries of Epcot I caught the travel bug. The unique factor about Epcot is that each country pays to be there to promote tourism and show the visitors what their country has to offer. Every pavilion has local food, trinkets, drinks and each person who works there is from that country. You get a little glimpse into what makes each country so special. Exploring places like Morocco, Japan, Italy, China, England, France, Canada, Germany, Norway and Mexico makes one want to see the world. Drinking bubble tea in China, eating Scandinavian chocolate in Norway and listening to live mariachi band in Mexico gives you that warm feeling that every culture is unique and worth exploring.



Outfit Details: Peixoto two piece | Adidas Shoes | Ettika Necklace

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