• Beverly Hills, CA

The Beverly Hills Hotel

The iconic Beverly Hills Hotel was home to old Hollywood stars from Grace Kelly, Princess Dianne to Fred Astaire and Marilyn Monroe. This was the all time favorite hot spot of anyone worth seeing or who wanted to be seen. This hotel has so much of Hollywood's history I don't even know where to begin. But I will say this is one of my all time favorite spots in Los Angeles, the pink and green motif doesn't hurt either. I walked around the hotel on my way to lunch at the Cabana Cafe. the Cafe is a cute restaurant with the iconic striped booths by the pool where Elizabeth Taylor use to lounge and enjoy her cocktails. The Cabana Cafe is all outside and the perfect spot to enjoy that healthy meal in the sun you are looking for.

But that is not all the hotel has a lot of other options for dinning as well, the Polo Lounge where Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin use to hang out with the rest of Rat pack. The Fountain Coffee Room is one of the best diner's I have ever seen complete with palm leaf wall paper.

The Beverly Hills Hotel is full of so much history just walking in the place you feel like you stepped in time to old Hollywood with nothing about this place being outdated it is all kept very well and modern given that it was built in 1912.



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