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Matcha is one thing I cannot live without. For those of you who have not caught on to this it is the purist form of green tea. Green powder mixed with water and you can add any kind of milk to make it a matcha latte. More antioxidants than any fruit and gives you a great caffeine fix without the jitters and no sugar crash like from coffee. I have this stuff every day and living in New York the craze is just beginning. More and more cafes have been starting to offer the stuff and even Starbucks has caught on (but they have a boatload of sugar in their pre-made version, beware). See the list below of my top matcha places in New York and if you can’t make it to the city order some PanaTea on Amazon, they come in pre-made packets great for the on the go pick me up.

1. Cha Cha Matcha – Two Locations, Midtown and Soho – Also offers Matcha ice cream 😊

2. Matcha Bar – Chelsea

3. Bluestone Lane – Multiple Locations (Great GF options as well)

4. Chalait – Multiple locations

5. By Chloe – Amazing food Gf, vegan and all around great place. Will do post on details soon




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