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Bermuda is such a great place. Very easy to get to from the east coast since it is just a few hour flight since it is off the coast of the Carolina's. They are a British island but their accents are the best part, a mix of British, American, Australian and South African all within one sentence you will hear different ways of speaking. I went for the first time with my boyfriend and we rented a scooter to get around the island. (Highly recommend but be careful since they drive on the other side of the road). We first took the scooter to the left point of the island hitting the Royal Dock Yard where you can see all the cruise ships come in, see an old fort that looks straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean and some touristy shops. Fun place to see and get a taste for their local drink, a Dark and Stormy, just rum and Goslings ginger beer.

Next stop on our scooter adventure was just hitting various beaches to go snorkeling. Every beach we stopped at had different fish in the water so fun to just pickup and go from beach to beach. We took our ride to the Fairmont Southampton, decked out in famous Bermuda pink. We had lunch at their beach club and it was a great time. We love seeing different hotels so every night we went hotel hopping to check out the island and get a taste for what everything was like. Just driving around we came across alighthouse on top of the hill such a cute place complete with a restaurant as well. See my list below for our top restaurants and best beaches on the island.

Best Hotel Restaurants

1. Fairmont Southampton - Waterfront Inn (Old building on the water with great food)

2. The Loren - Marée (Looks like an old bond Villains Villa)

3. Rosewood - The Point (Great Hotel with top notch food)

Best Beaches

1. Church Bay - Not many people and best snorkeling

2. Horseshoe Bay - Touristy but great to sit on beach and have snack hut

3. Admiralty House Park - Great for Cliff jumping and caves



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